Gaining A New Perspective

Jeanne Molamphy, a.k.a. MsJeanne,  is a retired Cosmetology Instructor and Salon Owner who found her love of  color and creativity  transferred to the art of weaving. Transplanted from the southeastern states, and married to her childhood love, she has been living in Minnesota and weaving for 25+ years.  Seeing that a "thousands of year old tradition"  could become a lost art, MsJeanne  puts her passion to work by teaching others the fun and ease  of weaving. Beginners learn how to use different techniques. MsJeanne also caters to people with minor disabilities that want to learn the art but have issues with arthritis of the hands and spine. She says, "Making the art of weaving fun and easy is my passion! Come learn to weave in a down home easy atmosphere and see the endless  possibilities of creativity stored  in your mind. "

Artist's Statement:

Weaving is a 2000+ year old art of producing textiles with many different techniques and using many different mediums. Anything from yarn to sticks and plastic bags can be used to produce wonderfully creative and useful items. Interlocking 2 mediums in a perpendicular technique creates a long lasting fabric different from using a single yarn such as in knitting and crocheting.

Other Information:

MsJeanne is Currently  an Instructor for the White Bear Center for the Arts, North Country Spinner's and Weaver's Guild, The Northeast Metro Weaver's Group and can be found in the Teachers Directory of . One on one Instruction is also available and MsJeanne does travel a reasonable distance from her home in Hugo, MN for personal instruction.  She uses Schacht Looms and is also a Dealer for small looms and accessories.